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We sincerely supply good service for universal new and old clients. Zhejiang Guyue Storage Battery Co.Ltd has established the overall marketing management model of take the market as leading role and customer as the center, that is sales for market, production for sales and full effort for market.
Our marketing department has the most comprehensive customer profiles for the purpose of good service. The market salesman will visit the customers every month and communicate with customers to collect their requirements and reply to the relative departments. Zhejiang Guyue Storage Battery Co.Ltd also held regularly meeting with customers and invite them to visit Guyue company, listen to customer’s opinions and advice on our products and learn their need indeed.
Guyue’s salesman also communicate with customers by telephone, fax or E-mail for sending information, solve problems and exchange ideas.
Our after-sales service is mainly through specialized service, that is our company has specialized service department and the full-time service personnel to make after-sales analysis and do the follow-up services. The specific details will be made according to each customer's situation and implement strictly by the signed quality agreement.
Communication and coordination: The company attaches great importance to customer complaints and grievances, we take customer complaints as great means of improve products, services, processes and systems, and the important resource to transfer customer’s dissatisfaction into satisfaction and customer loyalty.
To deal with customer complaints timely, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, provide standard for customer complaints management, Zhejiang Guyue Storage Battery Co.Ltd has stipulate the” Handling Procedures of user’s complaints”, the marketing department and the quality control department take the responsibility to collect user’s complaints and handling, so as to ensure the demands of supporting manufacturers, report the problem to Guyue’s quality guarantor in the shortest time, and take rapid response to propose solution.
Commitment: Do our best to create good products with better performance, better brand and more attentive service.
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