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Zhejiang Guyue battery Co., Ltd. together with decelopment, manufacture, salas and service of lead acid batteries was founded in 2001, it is the largest motorcycle battery professional manufacturer, which owns more than 600...
Entrepreneurship:Innovationsuperwarmtoday Yue
Business philosophy: quality first-class quality-oriented...
Market philosophy:the pursuit of our customer's needs
Quality idea: the market and customers is our pursuit ...
Employing the concept: honesty and trustworthiness
  and accountability of the confidence webelieve...
Employees concept: respect for individual...
Vision: To build a world-class manufacturing base ...
恭喜古越电源获得2017年知名品牌等多项奖项 2018-06-21
南宁动力电池推荐会 2018-05-31
古越销售经理非正式内训会 2018-04-12
关于对设备部夏良同志设备自动化创新的通报表扬 2018-04-04
关于对摩装车间樊瑞瑞同志操作工艺创新的通报表扬 2018-04-03
浙江古越电源有限公司参加2018年印度尼西亚(雅加达)汽摩配展会 2018-03-30
喜 报 2018-03-17
浙江古越控股集团有限公司开展春节慰问活动 2018-03-02
  Parent company Zhejiang Guyue Holding Group Co., Ltd consists of Zhejiang Guyue Storage Battery Co., Ltd.、Zhejiang Guyue Power Co., Ltd.、Shangyu Guyue Packing Co., Ltd.、Shangyu Guyue Import & Export Co., Ltd. and Shangyu Older Plastic & Appliance Co., Ltd.. It is an intensified. ...
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